Surrogacy and Feminism: Can the two go hand in hand?

In light of the recent proposed changes to the UK law regarding surrogacy by the Law Commission, there have been some fairly scathing attacks on surrogacy, in its entirety, by many women’s rights groups. As someone who has always strongly identified as a feminist, and champions equal rights for women in my life and in … Continue reading Surrogacy and Feminism: Can the two go hand in hand?

I’ve been a surrogate…. twice

Anyone who knows me knows that I carried two babies for 2 other families because I wanted to, I chose to do this not for money but simply because I wanted to and was able to. I was not coerced or extorted, it wasn’t my low socio-economic status, poor education or the colour of my … Continue reading I’ve been a surrogate…. twice

A Surrogate Partner’s View

Janine and I had the tiniest glimpse through the window of infertility early in our married lives and that has perhaps affected my perspective on surrogacy and the brilliance of it.  I have spoken to a few worried partners as part of Janine’s support of potential surros over the years, which I am not entirely … Continue reading A Surrogate Partner’s View