Understanding the motivations of surrogates in the UK - a pregnant person stands in a field of pink flowers

Understanding the Motivations of Surrogates in the UK

2nd Sept 2023


If you’re an intended parent—whether part of a same-sex couple, a solo parent, or a heterosexual couple facing fertility challenges—understanding the motivations of surrogates in the UK  can offer you valuable insights. This article aims to delve into these motivations within the empathetic and supportive community of SurrogacyUK, a leading surrogacy organisation in the United Kingdom.

Why Individuals Choose to Become Surrogates

Altruism: The Desire to Help Create or Complete Families

Many surrogates are driven by altruistic motives. They see their role as instrumental in helping others experience the joy of parenthood. This is often amplified when the intended parents are part of communities that have historically faced barriers to starting families, such as the LGBTQIA+ community or those who are infertile.

Support for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Sharing Fertility

Many surrogates describe the feeling of ‘fertility privilege.’ They recognise their ability to conceive and give birth as something not everyone can experience and choose to share this gift with those less fortunate.

Experiencing Pregnancy and Childbirth Without Parenting

For surrogates without children of their own, the process allows them to experience the biological phenomena of pregnancy and childbirth, all while making a monumental impact on someone else’s life.

Debunking the Myths: Surrogates and Financial Motivation

One prevailing myth is that surrogates in the UK are financially motivated or, worse still, that they are coerced into surrogacy due to financial hardship. In reality, the majority of surrogates in the UK are decidedly middle-class and employed. They volunteer for this role after thorough research, ensuring they are well-informed before becoming a member of SurrogacyUK.

UK surrogacy is strictly altruistic, meaning surrogates are not compensated for their generous act. This framework ensures that the motivations for becoming a surrogate are rooted in a genuine desire to help others.

The Role of Community in SurrogacyUK

At SurrogacyUK, there is a strong focus on a “friendship-first” model. This community-centric approach sets the stage for deep, lasting relationships between surrogates and intended parents, enriching the experience for all parties involved.

Emotional Support from SurrogacyUK

Being a surrogate is emotionally demanding, which is why SurrogacyUK places immense importance on emotional support. Through regular check-ins, community events, and a network of seasoned surrogates, new surrogates find themselves enveloped in a supportive environment that understands the nuanced emotions involved.

Join our Community

If you’re considering the path of surrogacy, either as an intended parent or a potential surrogate, we invite you to join SurrogacyUK. For intended parents, you can join here. For surrogates interested in joining, click here. For more information or to embark on your own surrogacy journey, please email enquiries@surrogacyuk.org.

Understanding the motivations behind surrogacy not only deepens our respect for those who choose this path but also reassures intended parents about the level of care and commitment involved. SurrogacyUK offers a unique and supportive environment that prioritises genuine relationships and emotional wellbeing.