Join as an Intended Parent

SurrogacyUK is a membership based organisation which aims to be open and inclusive to all.  We do, however, have to adhere to certain criteria for both surrogates and intended parent(s).  Please do check below that you are currently eligible to join SurrogacyUK.

Should your application to join SurrogacyUK be successful you will join a community of surrogates, intended parents and completed families.  Being a member of our community does not guarantee you will meet the right surrogate for you, or that you will have a baby.  There are no guarantees with surrogacy, IVF or trying to conceive.

SurrogacyUK have set expectations of every member that joins our community and we reserve the right to remove membership if they do not meet those expectations.

You can check initial eligibility by completing a simple, confidential form… click the button below.

Criteria for Intended Parents
Unable to Sustain a Pregnancy Personally

Intended mothers must provide evidence that they are unable to carry a pregnancy themselves by way of a letter from their GP. Additional supporting documents from a fertility clinic may be requested.

Relationship Status

If applying as a couple, intended parents must be in a long term relationship or married. Sole, individual parents are now eligible to apply to SurrogacyUK and apply for the parental order.


One intended parent must be genetically related to any baby born through surrogacy, so they must be able to use their own embryos, or only use donor sperm OR donor eggs. Double donation is not allowed.


Intended parents must be domiciled in the UK and, if in a couple, be living together.

If you are not resident in the UK you must be able to prove your domicile status and how you can support your surrogate throughout the pregnancy.

How to become an Intended Parent with SurrogacyUK:

Complete one of the following application forms to join SurrogacyUK and send it to the IP Applications Manager, with an administration fee of of £200.

If your application is successful you will be placed on our rolling waiting list to become a full member, which will take a few months, at which point you will be required to pay a membership fee of £1,000.

Heterosexual IP Application Form

Same Sex IP Application Form

Solo IP Application Form


After receiving your application the IP Applications Manager will send you a list of documents that are needed to process your application. Whilst you are on the waiting list ensure that your associated paperwork is completed and sent to the IP Applications Manager.

You will need to request a report from your GP.

Intended Parent Health & Wellness Report


Become involved with the organisation – join in with socials, participate on the Facebook group, ask questions and build connections.


Have a Membership Advisory session with SurrogacyUK.  This is your chance to ask any questions and learn about surrogacy with SurrogacyUK.