Join as an Intended Parent

2 parents holding a child, join as a KED

Criteria for Intended Parents

Unable to Sustain a Pregnancy Personally

Intended mothers must provide evidence that they are unable to carry a pregnancy themselves by way of a letter from their GP. Additional supporting documents from a fertility clinic may be requested.

Relationship Status

If applying as a couple, intended parents must be in a long term relationship or married. Solo/individual parents are eligible to apply to SurrogacyUK and apply for the parental order.


One intended parent must be genetically related to any baby born through surrogacy, so they must be able to use their own embryos, or only use donor sperm OR donor eggs. Double donation is not allowed.


Intended parents must be domiciled in the UK and, if in a couple, be living together.

If you are not resident in the UK you must be able to prove your domicile status and how you can support your surrogate throughout the pregnancy.

How to become an intended parent with Surrogacy UK:

Step One

Submit your online application form (link below) and pay the £600 administration and application fee to begin your journey with SurrogacyUK. This fee covers administrative costs, our surrogacy preparation course, and access to resources and events.

There is currently no waiting list for intended parents, so once your application is processed (typically within a few months) and approved, membership can be granted immediately.

After approval, you’ll be required to pay a membership fee of £1,800 and an annual renewal of £120.

Step Two

Work with the IP Applications Team to gather and submit all necessary documents, including completing your ID verification, online DBS check, and our Health and Wellness Form (link below).

Simultaneously, enrol in our bespoke Surrogacy Preparation Course to gain comprehensive knowledge about surrogacy, covering legal, emotional, and practical aspects, and to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Engage with the organisation and attend our free social events to enhance your understanding and preparation, and to start becoming a part of our community.

Step Three

Engage in a thoughtful reflection of your upcoming journey and expectations by completing our Self Reflection Form.

This self-assessment is crucial for a clear understanding and alignment of your surrogacy aspirations.

Following this step, schedule a one-to-one personal consultation with our team to review your application in detail and outline your specific support needs.

This step ensures your readiness and that your expectations align with our understanding of your individual needs as an intended parent.

Step Four

Once all the above steps are completed and you’re fully prepared for the journey ahead, finalise your membership by paying the £1,800 membership fee.

This marks the beginning of your active engagement as a member of SurrogacyUK, where you’ll continue to build connections, participate in events, and embark on your surrogacy journey.

Our application process is designed to ensure that each applicant is thoroughly prepared and supported, reflecting our commitment to investing in the future success of our members.

We aim to ensure that by the time you become a member, you are not only well-informed and ready for the surrogacy journey but also feel fully supported and confident in the path ahead, fostering the best possible environment for a successful surrogacy experience.