join as a KED, 2 parents holding a child

Join as a Known Egg Donor

2 parents holding a child, join as a KED

Criteria for Known Egg Donors


Known egg donors must be between 18 and 35 years old (although there is some flexibility for older KEDs).

Medical Health

Known Egg Donors must be be free from sexually transmitted diseases and not have any hereditary disorders within their family. They must be able to access information about their immediate families medical history (children, siblings, parents and grandparents).


Known Egg Donors should have a BMI of 30 or below (although there is some flexibility for KEDs with a slightly higher BMI).


Known Egg Donors must be resident in the UK, and be willing to be known to any child born through their donation.

How to become a Known Egg Donor with Surrogacy UK:

Step One

Complete an application form to join SurrogacyUK. Membership for Known Egg Donors is free.

Step Two

Upon receiving your application form, our KED Application Manager will send you a list of documents that are needed to process your application.

All KED applicants will need to return our Health & Wellness report which is to be completed by themselves and their GP and a recent DBS check. SurrogacyUK will pay for these checks.

Our administrator will send you a Health and Wellness form, and details of how to apply for a DBS check.

Step Three

Have a Membership Advisory session with SurrogacyUK. This is your chance to ask any questions and learn about known egg donation with SurrogacyUK.