The SurrogacyUK podcast series aims to give you an insight into a surrogacy journey from the perspective of both an intended parent and a surrogate, as well as helping you understand how surrogacy works in practice and how the current surrogacy laws pose additional challenges for those creating families through surrogacy. You will also learn about Surrogacy UK and their “friendship first” ethos.


Episode 1: An Introduction to SurrogacyUK

Every year, SurrogacyUK hold conferences for Intended Parents and Surrogates to meet and potentially begin their journeys. The events cover a wide range of topics from an A-Z of Surrogacy to understanding the legalities behind the whole process and, most importantly, give you an introduction to SurrogacyUK’s “Friendship First” ethos. In this episode, you will hear a taster of the conference and to find out more about events throughout the year.

Episode 2: SurrogacyUK Roundtable

Recorded on the evening of SurrogacyUK’s Spring Conference – March 2017, Fiona O’Driscoll chairs an honest and frank discussion with four surrogates who are members of SurrogacyUK. In this episode, four women share their decision to become surrogates, how their journey’s were and any advice they have for you if you are thinking of becoming a surrogate.

Episode 3: Birth Story 1 - Nick and Sarah

Nick Scott shares his story about becoming a parent with his partner Michael, with Sarah Jones his surrogate. The couple worked with Sarah on a sibling project. 

Episode 4: Birth Story 2 - Kat and Janine

Kat Mallery and Janine Gregory are a prime example of the wonderful ‘Friendship First’ ethos that is a fundamental part of SurrogacyUK. The pair developed a strong bond ahead of working together and so once they decided to go on a journey together, their friendship went from strength to strength.

Episode 5: The Fertility Clinic - For a Surrogate

Understand what’s involved on your fertility journey as a surrogate, as explained by Dr. Anna Carby, Consultant Gynaecologist at CARE Fertility London and former Medical Director of Boston Place Clinic. Anna gives advice on how to ensure you communicate clearly every step of the way with your intended parents to make the journey as seamless as possible.

Episode 6: The Legal Lowdown

To keep up to date with SurrogacyUK’s campaign for legal reform, browse this website and follow us on social media via the links below. To help, please write to your MP asking for their support and forward your response to

Episode 7: The Unsung Heroes

If you have any concerns about your partner becoming a surrogate this episode gives you a great insight about what it is like. For more information, browse this website and follow us on social media via the links below.