Surrogacy Needs You!

Surrogacy needs you - to write to your MP!

It’s vital that, over the next few months, as many MPs as possible receive letters of support for the proposed reform of surrogacy law. To help our letter-writing campaign please follow these instructions.
  1. Find out the name and email address of your MP here:
  2. Download one of the email templates below: >  here if this is the FIRST email you’ve written to your MP about surrogacy >  here if you have written before, and are writing a FOLLOW-UP.
  3. Make sure that you edit the template to make it as personal as possible.
  4. Don’t forget to add your full postal address to the bottom of the email.
  5. Copy your email to the Department of Health and Social Care at
  6. Forward your email (if you’re willing to) to so that we can keep a record.
Thank you!
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