Same Sex couple holding a child

Known Egg Donation - KED

25th August 2023


Did you know that SurrogacyUK have a Known Egg Donation pathway, that is now very similar to the surrogacy pathway? This means you’ll be able to build an ongoing friendship with your donor.

Egg donation through a clinic isn’t actually anonymous in the UK. Children born through egg donation can apply to the HFEA for non identifying information about their donor, and any half siblings, once they’re 16. At 18, they can apply for identifying information.

You can be a Known Egg Donor if you’re over 35. Clinics can have more flexibility for known donation.

SurrogacyUK provide an AMH test for potential donors, as part of the application process.

Known Egg Donation provides the opportunity for a ‘Mega Team’, where the child can know both their egg donor and surrogate. We have many successful Mega Teams at SurrogacyUK.

We have an open group on the Hub, where you can chat with others about Known Egg Donation Members: Known Egg Donation – Surrogacy UK member only HUB.