Award winner poster - Surrogacy organisation of the year

SurrogacyUK scoops the 2023 Surrogacy Award!

9th August 2023


We’ve just been named the Surrogacy Organisation of the Year for 2023. This isn’t just a nod to our organisation, it’s a nod to every single one of us who contributes to this incredible journey.

A huge thanks to our team – your dedication and hard work never cease to amaze. Every day, you show up and make a difference. It’s your energy and commitment that’s put us on top.

To our cherished members – you’re the heart and soul of SurrogacyUK. Your stories, your faith in us, and the adventures we embark on together are what make us special.

It’s all of us, together, that’s made this achievement possible.

Let’s keep this momentum going, celebrating each story and supporting one another along the way. Here’s to even more shared success and growth as the SurrogacyUK family!