How does Surrogacy work?

Surrogacy is the act of a woman carrying a pregnancy and giving birth for the child’s parents, as they are unable to carry a child themselves.

There are two types of surrogacy; host/gestational surrogacy and straight/traditional surrogacy.

Gestational/Host Surrogacy

Host surrogacy takes embryos made by intended parent(s), and transfers them via IVF into the surrogate.

The surrogate is not genetically connected the the child conceived.  The embryos are either fully made up of both intended parent(s) genetics, or made up of one intended parent(s) genetics plus either donor eggs OR donor sperm.

Double gamete donation is not currently allowed under UK law.

The protocol you follow will depend on a number of factors such as clinic preference, embryo availability, fresh or frozen transfer or natural or medicated cycle.  These options will be explored during your first appointment with your chosen fertility clinic.

Straight/Traditional Surrogacy

Straight surrogacy uses the surrogates own eggs to conceive.

This can take place at home using artificial insemination, using an insemination kit or via a clinic using IUI or IVF with the surrogate acting a known egg donor.

The SurrogacyUK Process

SurrogacyUK has a tried and tested process to help those looking to become a surrogate or an intended parent(s).

Meet a surrogate/intended parent(s)

There are a number of ways you can meet your potential team mate – via social events, the online message forum or through looking at profiles.  We encourage members to create friendships with many others within the organisation, whether that be a surrogate, surrogate partner, intended parent(s) or a completed family.

‘The Call’

When a surrogate has decided she would like to get to know an intended parent better she contacts SurrogacyUK.  SurrogacyUK will then contact the intended parent(s) on her behalf and give them a copy of the surrogates profile.  If both parties wish to get to know each other a little better, they move on to the “Getting To Know” stage.

Getting To Know (GTK)

This is the time that all parties really get to know each other. This should last at least 3 months, and involve lots of face to face meet ups, telephone calls, and lots of talking. This period ensures that there is a real connection with each other before moving on to the Agreement Stage.

Agreement Stage

After the Getting To Know, all parties take part in an Agreement Session with a SurrogacyUK mediator. The mediator will talk through every eventuality with all parties and ensure that everyone understands and is in agreement with everything.

Ongoing Support

SurrogacyUK will provide support while a team tries to conceive, through pregnancy, after the birth and beyond. We will provide you with advice, help, mediation and support whenever it is needed – you are a part of our community.