Board of Trustees

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones joined Surrogacy UK in 2002, shortly after it began, and has acted as a surrogate 4 times over the last 15 years.  She started volunteering for Surrogacy UK as a support worker and membership advisor shortly after her first surrogate child was born, and joined the Board of Trustees in 2014, moving into the Chairperson position a year later.  Sarah is passionately committed to surrogacy being non-commercial in the UK and maintains close relationships with all the families she has helped.


Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans joined Surrogacy UK in 2013 to fulfil her dream of being a surrogate, and has since given birth to two surrogate children.  She became more involved with the organisation and really embraced the friendship first ethos.  She joined the Board of Trustees because she feels passionate about educating people and making altruistic surrogacy accessible in the UK.



David Pexton-Hayes

David Pexton-Hayes joined Surrogacy UK with his husband in the summer of 2014 and, with the help of their surrogate Katie, their daughter was born in December 2016.  David was impressed from the outset by how professional and friendly Surrogacy UK was and were quickly drawn into the ethos of friendship first.  He was amazed at the level of support that carried them through their surrogacy journey, without which he states he wouldn’t have their daughter.


Allan McLellan

Alan McLellan joined Surrogacy UK with his partner in 2013 and they have since become parents thanks to Ellena and her family.  From his first Surrogacy UK meeting he felt that the warmth, support and advice that is offered by fellow members was invaluable in helping them on their journey.  Alan joined the Board of Trustees and champions the friendship first, altruistic model that Surrogacy UK adopts.


Alan Green

Alan and his wife Chelle joined Surrogacy UK in September 2013.  They attended their first conference the following month and realised how lucky they were to have two children and how to never take anything for granted in life.  They loved the friendship first ethos and the welcoming community of Surrogacy UK, and knew that it was a special organisation to be part of.  Chelle gave birth to twin girls in March 2015 and a baby boy in 2017.  Alan is the first surrogate partner to be appointed to the Board of Trustees, and he feels it is important that all aspects of the membership are represented on the Board.

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