Sarah Jones

Membership • Surrogate Support
Surrogacy experience: 4 times surrogate.
Professional experience: Worked in youth offending and residential social care for children, now specialising in early years.
Joined SurrogacyUK: 2002.
Joined the Board of Trustees: 2013.

David Pexton-Hayes

Treasurer • Training & Development
Agreements • Mediation
Surrogacy experience: Intended parent, now with a delightful daughter born Christmas 2016.
Professional experience: Background in client accounting in property management until 2011, self employed in Health and Fitness from 2012 providing pilates instruction and complementary therapies. Volunteers with terminal illness centre providing complimentary therapies to patients.
Joined SurrogacyUK: 2014.
Joined the Board of Trustees: 2017.

Alan McLellan

Governance • Secretary
Law Reform
Surrogacy experience: Dad through surrogacy.
Professional experience: Project Manager in financial services and energy sectors.
Joined SurrogacyUK: 2013.
Joined the Board of Trustees: 2017.

Audrey Ward

Policy Support
Surrogacy experience: A trustee external to the organisation.
Professional experience: Worked as a journalist for 10 years and was a lawyer prior to that.
Joined the Board of Trustees: 2019.
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