Surrogacy Survey 2018 Results

Surrogates do not support calls for commercial surrogacy in the UK  Over 70 per cent of surrogates in the UK believe they should only be allowed to claim expenses when they carry a child for another couple, the UK’s largest ever survey into surrogacy has found. The findings come as the Law Commission reviews the … Continue reading Surrogacy Survey 2018 Results

Surrogacy options through a fertility clinic

In the UK through an HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) licensed fertility clinic, we offer two main surrogacy journeys. Straight (sometimes referred to as traditional) surrogacy and host/gestational surrogacy. The terms that healthcare professionals tend to use when explaining both pathways are Straight surrogacy or host surrogacy. The couple wishing to create their families … Continue reading Surrogacy options through a fertility clinic