Al Green

Al Green is a surrogate partner supporting his wife through 2 surrogacy journeys. He is also sits on  Surrogacy UK’s Board of Trustees.

Chelle Green

Chelle Green is a two times surrogate. She gave Birth to twin girls Charlotte & Amelie in March 2015 and Rex in December 2017. She is a trained Super support worker and a Membership Advisor.

Sara Gamzo-Letova

Sara Gamzo-Letova is an Intended Mother. She and her husband are parents to twin girls born in March 2018. Sara is both an IP support worker and a membership advisor.

James Hall

James and his wife Zanna joined SUK in early 2015 after five rounds of ultimately unsuccessful IVF. In 2017 they teamed up with Laura, Ian, Stan and Vivi Morgan (AKA Team Hot Rod). At the time of writing (4 August 2018), Laura is days away from giving birth to their child. It is no exaggeration to say that SUK has changed their lives.

Helen Greenwood

“I joined SUK as an Intended Parent in 2013, and have enjoyed being a part of this fantastic community. I have gained so much support from the SUK community since joining, and I’m happy to be able to give something back. I’ve had various roles such as forum admin and IP Support Coordinator, and I am currently Media and Events Coordinator, which is an interesting and varied role and I love it!”

Susannah McConaghy

Susannah (Sus}  is an Intended Parent and full time Mum.  She and her husband Ciaran joined SUK in 2015 after many years of failed IVF. Happily their son was born through surrogacy at SUK in Oct 2016. They are now in a new team trying for a sibling and hoping to complete their family. Susannah volunteers as an Intended Parent Support worker for Surrogacy UK.

Donncha Pexton-Hayes

Donncha and his husband joined SUK in 2014, and they were delighted to welcome their daughter into the world at Christmas 2016 with their amazing surrogate. He and his husband have been involved in SUK through various roles over the years, and this is their 6th conference.

Mark Hopkinson

Mark joined surrogacy UK in 2015 with his husband Ben. In 2016, they teamed up with the amazing Ester and in April 2017 their son Ezra was born. Mark works in fundraising.

Amy Durham

Amy Durham is an Intended Parent. Amy and her husband, Stuart, joined SUK as members in July 2014. They met a surrogate and her family shortly after joining. After spending a period of time getting to know each other and building a firm friendship, they embarked on treatment in October 2015. They welcomed their baby daughter Clemency into the world in June 2016.

Deanne Hart

“Me and my partner joined SUK in April 2016. We met our surrogate Chloe 2 months later. We did a fresh embryo transfer following our 3 month getting to know period. We were lucky to get a positive result with the first attempt. Eddison was born 22nd August 2016.”

Caroline Sutherland

“We became members of Surrogacy UK at the end of 2013 after struggling with IVF treatment for 6 years, with no success. At our very first social, we were fortunate enough to meet Chelle Green and her family and after taking us under their wing they soon offered to help us start our family…we couldn’t believe how lucky we were. After our initial Get to Know (GTK) period, we transferred 2 of our existing embryos to Chelle, and after 2 weeks we discovered that we were pregnant. A few weeks later we found out it was TWINS!! Having had so many disappointments throughout our IVF years, we struggled with the idea that this might actually work and our dream would finally become reality. However, sure enough, 8 and a half months later, Chelle heroically gave birth to our twin daughters Charlotte and Amelie. We were overjoyed that our dreams had come true and our family was finally complete. Since the birth, Michelle, Al, Harvey and Rhiannon have been a permanent feature of our lives, we see each other regularly and our girls will always grow up knowing what a wonderful thing Chelle did for our family.”

Alan Watts

Al and his partner, Alan, are fathers to Beatrice thanks to their incredible friend and surrogate Annie. They have been members of SUK since 2014. Al is the Chief Executive of the British orchestra the Academy of St Martin in the Fields and enjoys juggling the responsibilities of being a father and the demands of running an orchestra with significant international touring.

Lisa Dewhurst

Lisa & Mark Dewhurst became members of SUK in 2014 and became parents to Rex in December 2017. Their journey with Chelle and Alan Green started in September 2015 and the joy of being parents makes them want to do it all again and they are commencing treatment with the hope of being blessed with a little Brother or Sister for Rex.

Dawn Allen

Dawn joined Surrogacy UK in 2008 and has been lucky enough to help create two families by acting as their surrogate.  After volunteering for Surrogacy UK for many years, Dawn became our Administration Manager in 2016, being responsible for helping and guiding surrogates through the joining process, coordinating our surrogate support network and organising agreement sessions for teams. She also helps with the day to day running of the organisation by answering emails and overseeing the message boards.

Annie Peverelle

Annie has been a member of SUK since 2011. She has helped to create three families and is currently pregnant with a sibling for Effie, her second surro baby. She is also a Membership Advisor and Surrogate Support Worker, and volunteers at information days for new/non members.

Laura Morgan

Laura is a two times host surrogate, giving birth to Ruari in October 2016 and due any time with number 2. She is a surrogate support worker and membership advisor.

Kate James

Kate James is an IP from North Yorkshire and, along with husband David, has been a member of SUK since 2015. In January 2018 the dream of becoming a family came true as their surrogate, Claire, gave birth their son Dylan.

Rachel Haworth

Rachel Haworth is a mother through surrogacy. She joined SUK in 2014 after treatment for womb cancer. Her twin boys were born in 2015. She is an IP support worker.

Matt Haworth

Matt Haworth is a father through surrogacy. He and his wife have twin boys who were born in 2015. He is an IP support worker.

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones sits on the Board of Trustees and has been a member of Surrogacy UK for 16 years.  She has acted as a surrogates 4 times and is currently starting a 5th journey.

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones is the daughter of Sarah Jones, and has been involved in surrogacy since she was 6 years old.  She speaks on how to support the children of surrogates.