Government guidance on surrogacy

Information for intended parent(s) about the surrogacy process in England and Wales.

How surrogacy works in the UK

Information about the types of surrogacy and how the Surrogacy UK process works.

Parental leave for Intended Parents

Information on what time you can take off work when you have a child through surrogacy.

Application for a Parental Order

Link to form C51:Application for Parental Order

How to Apply for a Parental Order in Scotland

A guide on how to apply for a parental order in Scotland where the legal systems differ from England.

Apply for a passport for a child born through surrogacy

Guidance on how to apply for a passport for a child born through surrogacy.

The benefits of joining Surrogacy UK

A complete list of what benefits our members can expect when they join Surrogacy UK.

How to join Surrogacy UK as an Intended Parent

Step by step guide on how to join Surrogacy UK.