How can Surrogacy UK support professionals?

Surrogacy UK are committed to making surrogacy safer in the UK, and to supporting those who are going through a surrogacy journey.

With our expert knowledge and access to the largest group of the surrogacy community in the UK, we can offer professionals a unique insight into the regulations around surrogacy, the emotional aspect of surrogacy and offer advice on best practice for surrogacy.

Our professionals services can be tailored for Clinics, Counsellors, Nurses and Surrogacy Coordinators.

What can Surrogacy UK provide for professionals?

  • Practical resources, forms and handouts to help navigate HFEA regulations.
  • Continuing professional development – training workshops


  • Guidance for promoting best practice
  • Ongoing help, support and advice for anyone supporting surrogacy patients
  • Support to understand the proposed new surrogacy laws
  • Access to the Surrogacy Best Practice Working Party

For more details on how Surrogacy UK can support your best practice email us