How to become an intended parent with Surrogacy UK

Step One

Complete one of the following application forms to join Surrogacy UK and send it to our Membership Secretary, with an administration fee of of £200.

You will be placed on our rolling waiting list to become a full member, which will take a few months, at which point you will be asked to pay the remaining membership fee of £1,000.

Heterosexual IP Application Form

Same Sex IP Application Form

Step Two

After receiving your application the IP Application Manager will send you a list of documents that are needed to process your application. Whilst you are on the waiting list ensure that your associated paperwork is completed and sent to the Membership Secretary.

You will need to request a report from your GP.

IP GP Report

Step Three

Have a Membership Advisory session with Surrogacy UK. This is your chance to ask any questions and learn about surrogacy with Surrogacy UK