Surrogacy UK is a membership based organisation which aims to be open and inclusive to all.

We do, however, have to adhere to certain criteria for both surrogates and intended parent(s).  Please do check below that you are currently eligible to join Surrogacy UK.

Surrogacy UK’s application process is different for surrogate applicants and intended parent(s) applicants.

Surrogate membership to Surrogacy UK is free, and we will cover any additional charges you incur to apply, such as a GP report and your DBS check.

Intended Parent(s) membership to Surrogacy UK is £1,200 (from January 2020).  This membership fee is necessary to fund our not-for-profit organisation.  100% of funds raised through membership fees is used to improve our member’s experiences and journeys.

Criteria to Join Surrogacy UK


Age – Surrogates must be a minimum of 21 years old.  There is no maximum age limit for surrogates, however you must be eligible to be treated by a fertility clinic.  Criteria for host surrogacy can differ from clinic to clinic, however some UK clinics are happy to treat surrogates in their mid to late 40s.

Medical Health – Surrogates must be healthy enough to carry a pregnancy.  GP reports are obtained during the application process however, if you have a medical condition, please do speak to us as it may not hinder your application.

BMI – Surrogates should have a healthy BMI and be eligible to be treated by a fertility clinic.  As such a surrogate’s BMI should ideally be no higher than 35.  If you feel your BMI may hinder your application, please speak to us and we can give you more information as to your options.

Residency – Surrogate must be resident in the UK.

Please note childfree women who wish to act as surrogates are welcome to apply for membership to Surrogacy UK.

Join Surrogacy UK as a Surrogate


Reasons for applying – Intended parent(s) must be unable to sustain a pregnancy personally.

If applicable, intended parent(s) must have exhausted their options to conceive themselves, and not be trying to create their family in other ways while undergoing a surrogacy journey (e.g. personal IVF or adoption).

Intended mothers must provide evidence that they are unable to carry a pregnancy themselves by way of a letter from their GP.  Additional supporting documents from a fertility clinic may be requested.

Relationship Status – If applying as a couple intended parents must be in a long term relationship or married.  A sole individual parent is now eligible to apply to Surrogacy UK and apply for the parental order.

Residency – Intended parents must both be resident in the UK, and if in a couple, be living together.

Gametes – One intended parent must be genetically related to any baby born through surrogacy, so they must be able to use their own embryos, or only use donor sperm OR donor eggs.  Double donation is not allowed.

Join Surrogacy UK as an Intended Parent