SurrogacyUK can expect:
  • Members to keep in contact with their support workers on a regular basis.
  • Members to keep SUK updated on their surrogacy journeys.
  • Members to inform SUK if they are pursuing a surrogacy journey outside of SUK (indy journey).
  • Members to join the SUK member HUB.
  • Members to engage with the SUK community by keeping their diary updated regularly (minimum once every 3 months).
  • Members to attend at least 1 face to face social or 1 online social every 3 months.
  • Members to adhere to the SUK ethos.
Members can expect:
  • All the information you need to support your surrogacy journey.
  • All generic proformas needed throughout your surrogacy journey.
  • A support worker to be provided when you enter into a GTK (if not before).
  • Additional support when required.
  • All active IPs to have a profile made available to surrogates.
  • All members have been DBS checked and are eligible for a parental order.
  • Regular social events provided free of charge (both face to face and online).
  • A safe online space to talk to other members.
  • Help and support when dealing with clinics, courts, CAFCASS, employers, midwives etc.
For more information, please email: (for Surrogates)
or (for Intended Parents)