My career started in the Civil Service and over eight years I held several roles in four different government departments. My last role was as Training Manager. I have been involved in the fertility world for over 25 years and I have also worked for Fertility Network UK.

I had fertility problems of my own and my husband and I were advised to try surrogacy. My eldest child was born with the help of a surrogate in 1996. After several failed cycles trying to have a second child via surrogacy I found out I was pregnant myself, a miracle after 13 years of infertility.  I now have five children of my own. With my new-found fertility our child born via surrogacy also suggested it I became a surrogate myself. I like to think of it as ‘Paying back the Gift’. I am proud to have completed three families, first giving birth in November 2004, again in January 2006 and finally in July 2011.

I am also a Founder Member of Surrogacy UK. My first role was as Treasurer. I have held a number of other roles – Support Worker, Message Board Administrator, Membership Advisor and Surrogate Support Manager. I resigned as Support Manager in 2016 and I currently work for my local parish church as an administrator. I could never leave Surrogacy UK, however,  and was delighted to be asked to join the Advisory Board. I have seen Surrogacy UK grow from strength to strength over the years and look forward to being part of Surrogacy UK for many more years to come.