Surrogacy UK is the leading not-for-profit organisation that supports the creation of families and promotes altruistic surrogacy in the UK. It helps surrogates to meet intended parent(s); educates and advises people at all stages of their surrogacy journey; and, works with external stakeholders to improve the experiences and outcomes for surrogates, intended parent(s) and their families.

The Ethics Committee ensures that the organisation and its members deliver this mission as ethically as possible. The Ethics Committee is an independent group of experts from various fields that will advise the Board of Trustees about relevant ethical matters. This includes issues relating internal procedures (such as membership reviews, training, and surrogacy journeys) and external policies (such as public policy positions).

Herjeet Marway

Chair of the Ethics Committee

Lecturer in ethics in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham.  

“I work mainly on issues at the intersection of bioethics, feminist philosophy, global ethics, and the philosophy of race.  I also serve on the Ethics Advisory Group at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.”

Susie Blamire

Improvement Manager, CAFCASS’ National Improvement Service.   

“We support quality improvement to help Cafcass provide an outstanding service to children involved in family court proceedings.  I lead within NIS on ‘Parental Orders and Surrogacy’ and ‘Diversity’ and I coordinate the Cafcass ‘Practice Experts’ scheme. I also sit on Cafcass’ national Diversity Steering Group.   Since September 2017, I have been the Practice Expert on Assisted Conception, which encompasses surrogacy, same-sex parenting, IVF and gamete donation. As part of this role, I am a member of PROGAR (BASW’s special interest group on assisted reproduction).”

Nuala Dixon

Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Centre for Disorders of Reproductive Development & Adolescent Gynaecology based at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital. 

“The majority of the women that are referred have congenital problems of their reproductive system.  I independently coordinate the patient treatment pathway ensuring our patient group receive the best information, advice, treatment and support throughout, thus optimising treatment outcomes and the patient experience. I also act as a resource with regards to fertility options.”

Kate Ellis-Davies

Developmental psychologist and senior lecturer in psychology.

“As part of my job I work with families to research parental well-being, and parent experiences of antenatal and postnatal care and support, and children’s development.”

Andrew Spearman

Legal Professional

“I am a Partner and Head of Family Law, but with a specialism in fertility and surrogacy law.”  


Bianca Jackson

Legal Professional

“I am a family law barrister and specialise in public and private children law. Essentially, I get paid to argue all day!”


Sarah Castell

Head of Public Dialogues and Futures at Ipsos MORI.

“I mostly spend my time talking about the ethical issues of the future with the public and stakeholders.”



Kirsty Horsey

Reader in Law at the University of Kent.

“As part of this, I teach mostly undergraduate students in tort law (with a bit of contract law thrown in). I’m also chief examiner for the law school which means a lot of student-related admin! Part of any academic’s role is research – most of my research and publications are family (and surrogacy specifically) related, but some has been on tort law.”

Caroline Sutherland

Qualified nurse working in intensive care.

“I also work one day a week for an air ambulance company dealing with their HR, recruitment and training as well as repatriating patients by air or land. When I am not working, I am a busy mummy to twin girls born through surrogacy”.

Chelle Green

Lab Technician in Microbiology

“I’m also a mum to 2 children, and have successfully achieved acting as a surrogate, giving birth to 3 babies for two families.”


Linder Wilkinson

HR Professional
In both my personal and professional life I deal with a number of ethical issues and cases.
I joined SUK in 2015 and have played an active role ever since. I am the Membership Advisor for the North East & Cumbria. As a surrogate support worker I have provided advice and guidance to several surrogates during their journeys.  I have also established a working group looking at employment rights issues for IPs and surrogates. 
I have lived experience of surrogacy as a surrogate, now on my third surrogacy journey.