Last Updated: 13th November 2020

Please note: SurrogacyUK does not intend to police, or to judge, members’ decisions or behaviours as they consider their journeys in the context of Covid-19. However, we strongly encourage all members to consider all aspects of Covid’s impact on their journeys and offer the following principles and considerations to support your journey:

  1. Covid-19 is here to stay. It is likely to impact our lives, and our surrogacy journeys, for years to come
  2. Plan ahead: consider the impact of Covid-19 on all stages of your journey, including socials, GTKs, Teams, TTCs, pregnancy and post-birth.
  3. If you ‘get the call’ consider the challenge of future restrictions on your potential to fulfil a GTK etc (for example, local lockdowns, national lockdowns and cross-border travel).
  4. In GTKs and Teams, talk about your expectations for contact in light of Covid-19 at every stage of your journey.
  5. Talk about your own limitations and comfort levels. Talk about difficult questions and avoid awkward situations arising. Will you wear face masks when you meet? Where will you meet? Are you comfortable with physical contact?
  6. Consider the impact on expenses for your surrogacy journey, in particular the consequences (for either IPs or surrogates) of being made redundant, or furloughed.
  7. Consider your own wellbeing, and your team members’ (including families and children).
  8. Research hospital, clinic and sonography providers. Talk to your midwifery team and make Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C to cover various scenarios for birth. Remember that 9 months is a long time in terms of Covid, and the restrictions at the time of birth may be very different from those at TTC.
  9. Tell SurrogacyUK that you’re pregnant so that we can help all parties. (Please note that, when we know that a Surrogate is pregnant we will contact IPs to provide support, regardless of whether they have told us about the pregnancy directly or not.)
  10. SurrogacyUK are always here to support you! Contact us here.

Since Monday 16th March 2020, the UK government’s announcements have had significant implications for SurrogacyUK’s activities and implications for its members, in particular surrogates who are currently pregnant, their families, and their intended parents.

We will communicate with our members directly via email and continue to post updates on this webpage:

  • Pregnant women are considered to be a vulnerable group with respect to Covid-19 and should consider the latest government advice on social distancing linked here and advice from the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists here.
  • We recommend that our members, and the wider community planning or engaged in surrogacy arrangements, contact their healthcare / midwife teams or clinics for advice on how Covid-19 could impact their surrogacy journey.
  • Please use only official sources for healthcare advice relating to Covid-19 and treat any information received via social media with caution.
  • All SurrogacyUK social events are cancelled until further notice.
  • SurrogacyUK remains open and operational and you can contact us through this webform.

We have also issued this document, intended to support healthcare professionals in making appropriate decisions about delivering suitable, surrogacy-specific care to all parties in UK-based surrogacy pregnancies and births during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During this period of self-isolation you might technically be alone but thanks to the wide range of technology available, you’ll never be lonely. From online video platforms like Zoom to fun social media apps like HouseParty, these tools allow us to ‘meet’ digitally when meeting physically isn’t possible.

Here is a great document that compares the social tech available so you can choose which one best suits your devices and needs.