Vacancy Surrogacy UK Trustee

Surrogacy UK is now recruiting for its Board of Trustees. We would welcome applications from interested SUK members and external candidates who feel they could make a positive contribution to our organisation in this important and rewarding role. The job description is set out below. Applicants should submit their CV and a brief covering letter … Continue reading Vacancy Surrogacy UK Trustee

Research findings from a longitudinal study of surrogacy families in the UK

Around the year 2000, a group of researchers, headed by Professor Susan Golombok, began a study of families created using surrogacy. I have worked on the project from its beginnings, when children in the study were one year old infants. Since then, our team has revisited the families five times and last saw them when … Continue reading Research findings from a longitudinal study of surrogacy families in the UK

Surrogacy options through a fertility clinic

In the UK through an HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) licensed fertility clinic, we offer two main surrogacy journeys. Straight (sometimes referred to as traditional) surrogacy and host/gestational surrogacy. The terms that healthcare professionals tend to use when explaining both pathways are Straight surrogacy or host surrogacy. The couple wishing to create their families … Continue reading Surrogacy options through a fertility clinic

Ethics Committee Membership Recruitment

Surrogacy UK is the leading not-for-profit organisation that supports the creation of families and promotes altruistic surrogacy in the UK. It helps surrogates to meet intended parents; educates and advises people at all stages of their surrogacy journey; and, works with external stakeholders to improve the experiences and outcomes for surrogates, intended parents and their … Continue reading Ethics Committee Membership Recruitment

Host or Straight Surrogacy – Choosing your path

If you’re reading this then you will have most likely either made the choice that surrogacy is the path to parenthood that you wish to take, or you are close to taking that first big step. Once you have chosen the surrogacy route, the next big decision you will need to make is your preferred method of surrogacy. … Continue reading Host or Straight Surrogacy – Choosing your path


Chair of Surrogacy UK Ethics Committee announced Surrogacy UK is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Herjeet Marway as the founding chairperson of the Surrogacy UK Ethics Committee. Dr Marway will be an external, independent voice, chairing a committee that will help to ensure that Surrogacy UK and its members continue to practice UK-based … Continue reading chair-of-surrogacy-uk-ethics-committee-announced