Why shouldn’t we pay UK surrogates?

Over and over again we are asked, “Why shouldn’t surrogacy be commercialised? Why shouldn’t surrogates be paid for what they do?” Firstly, we asked our surrogates… and they do not want to be paid! In fact, the overwhelming majority said they wouldn’t do it if they were paid. It undermines all the reasons they chose … Continue reading Why shouldn’t we pay UK surrogates?

Goverment Debate on Surrogacy – 21st January 2020

SURROGACY NEEDS YOU! GOVERNMENT DEBATE ON SURROGACY: TUESDAY 21st JANUARY PLEASE WRITE TO YOUR MP TO ASK THEM TO ATTEND There will be a Government debate on Government policy on surrogacy on Tuesday 21st January at 4.30pm. Many of you are aware of the campaigning that SurrogacyUK and many others have been doing to try … Continue reading Goverment Debate on Surrogacy – 21st January 2020

NHS Funding and Surrogacy

There’s been much discussion in recent days about the story in the Daily Mail about a same sex male couple in the UK who have received public funding for IVF treatment to try to create embryos using their own gametes and donor eggs.  The couple intends to use any embryos they have created with public funding to … Continue reading NHS Funding and Surrogacy

Ethics Committee Membership Recruitment

Surrogacy UK is the leading not-for-profit organisation that supports the creation of families and promotes altruistic surrogacy in the UK. It helps surrogates to meet intended parents; educates and advises people at all stages of their surrogacy journey; and, works with external stakeholders to improve the experiences and outcomes for surrogates, intended parents and their … Continue reading Ethics Committee Membership Recruitment


Chair of Surrogacy UK Ethics Committee announced Surrogacy UK is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Herjeet Marway as the founding chairperson of the Surrogacy UK Ethics Committee. Dr Marway will be an external, independent voice, chairing a committee that will help to ensure that Surrogacy UK and its members continue to practice UK-based … Continue reading chair-of-surrogacy-uk-ethics-committee-announced