Surrogacy UK has approximately 60 volunteers who help with the organisation in various ways – from support workers, to fundraising coordinators, to IT specialists to desktop publishing.  Their passion for giving back to the organisation shines through and we appreciate every single one.

Volunteer Focus – Kathryn Chapman

Kathryn Chapman, her family and part of her surrogacy team

Chris and I initially joined Surrogacy UK in 2011, in the hope of having a sibling for our daughter.

We loved the organisation from the beginning, were incredibly lucky to have a surrogate baby in 2016 and have made many friends for life along the way, not least our wonderful surrogate family who are still a huge part of our lives today.

I became an IP support worker in 2013 and joined the external Fundraising team in 2015. I’m also now a Membership Advisor, visiting potential surrogates and IPs and conducting agreement sessions.

Our goal with External Fundraising is to set up really fun events for members and their friends and family. In our experience, your loved ones can struggle to know how they can best support you but attending these events is a perfect way to help and join in.

The funds we raise support the running and expansion of SUK in so many ways.

We’d love to see you at our next event and are always interested in your ideas and feedback.