The SurrogacyUK Advisory Board is a voluntary body that provides strategic advice to the Board of Trustees. Its members provide a wealth of skills and experience that enhance the Board of Trustees and ensure that SurrogacyUK is run effectively to the benefit of all its members.


Pete Webb

Advisory Board

I have been living in Oxfordshire with Nick since 2001. We married in 2015 and since November of the same year we have been sharing our lives with our son Dexter. Since Dexter’s first birthday, when Nick returned to work, I have been his primary carer.

We joined SurrogacyUK in the spring of 2014 and immediately knew it was right for us. Its friendly and supportive ethos, putting friendship first, was so appealing. We quickly developed strong friendships with other members. In the Summer of 2014 we were so fortunate to meet Lucy and her family and, after a successful getting to know period, we became ‘Team Giant Pencil.’ We opted for straight surrogacy which resulted in the birth of Dexter. Our bond with Lucy has continued to develop and we are currently undergoing a sibling project. We have arranged socials and have supported several intended parents through their journeys.

Before joining my family business in 2001 I was a primary teacher and deputy head teacher. Being involved with child development, and learning and managing people, gave me a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge. I continued to develop my people management skills and financial experience whilst being a director of my family’s timber merchant business.


Jayne Frankland

Advisory Board

My career started in the Civil Service and over eight years I held several roles in four different government departments. My last role was as Training Manager. I have been involved in the fertility world for over 25 years and I have also worked for Fertility Network UK.

I had fertility problems of my own and my husband and I were advised to try surrogacy. My eldest child was born with the help of a surrogate in 1996. After several failed cycles trying to have a second child via surrogacy I found out I was pregnant myself, a miracle after 13 years of infertility. I now have five children of my own. With my new-found fertility our child born via surrogacy also suggested it I became a surrogate myself. I like to think of it as ‘Paying back the Gift’. I am proud to have completed three families, first giving birth in November 2004, again in January 2006 and finally in July 2011.

I am also a Founder Member of SurrogacyUK. My first role was as Treasurer. I have held a number of other roles – Support Worker, Message Board Administrator, Membership Advisor and Surrogate Support Manager. I resigned as Support Manager in 2016 and I currently work for my local parish church as an administrator. I could never leave SurrogacyUK, however,  and was delighted to be asked to join the Advisory Board. I have seen SurrogacyUK grow from strength to strength over the years and look forward to being part of SurrogacyUK for many more years to come.