Changing UK Surrogacy Laws – Our Campaign 

Responding to the Law Commissions’ consultation

The Law Commissions have published their joint consultation paper on surrogacy reform and are actively seeking views on their provisional proposals to improve surrogacy laws so that they better support the child, surrogates and intended parents. 

It’s critical that they hear the views of people with personal experience of surrogacy so that we help shape future laws. This page aims to help you understand the key proposals and respond to the Law Commissions with your views. 

The Law Commissions’ key proposals:

There are 6 key proposals and 1 open question within the consultation paper.

To download a PDF of our guidance on the Law Commission’s consultation paper please click here

Responding to the Consultation Paper

The full consultation paper is an impressive 475 pages and contains 118 questions. For those of you who have time, please do grab a cup of tea or coffee, read the full document and respond to the full online form. However, we realise that most people won’t have the time to do this. We therefore asked the Law Commissions to produce a Short Form Survey which extracts the questions that are most relevant to those with personal experience of surrogacy. Please use this to respond to the Law Commissions’ consultation paper. 

We urge you to take part in this consultation as the current law is outdated and without your shared experiences the reform may not be fit for purpose. This is your opportunity to shape the law.

Click on the reform areas below to learn more

Reform Area 1 Creation of a new pathway that allows intended parents to be legal parents from birth
Reform Area 2 Specific requirements and safeguards that are mandated for entry into the New Pathway
Reform Area 3 A regulator for surrogacy and regulated surrogacy organisations
Reform Area 4 Double donation (no genetic link to IPs required) could be permitted under the New Pathway in domestic surrogacy
Reform Area 5 Creation of a national surrogacy register so those born through surrogacy can access information about their origins
Reform Area 6 The Law Commission asks an open question about what kinds of payments should be allowed in surrogacy arrangements
Reform Area 7 For international surrogacy arrangements the Law Commission proposes reform and guidance to make it easier to bring a surrogate child back to the UK