Surrogacy UK is committed to providing information, community and support to anyone undertaking a surrogacy journey, whether or not you are a member of Surrogacy UK.

However, those joining Surrogacy UK have access to a number of benefits, which have proven key to successful, happy and positive journeys for Surrogates and Intended Parent(s) alike.

Our Benefits Include:-

Opportunity to Meet Surrogates and Intended Parent(s)

Advertising to be a surrogate, or for a surrogate is illegal in the UK, as is matching surrogates and intended parent(s) together.  As such meeting potential surrogates and intended parent(s) with whom to undertake a surrogacy journey with can prove difficult.

Surrogacy UK provides it’s members with a variety of proven ways to meet their potential surrogacy team mates.  From social events to online profiles, Surrogacy UK provides a safe way to meet others who want a friendship first surrogacy relationship.

Safe and Secure Interactions

Surrogacy UK consider the safeguarding of its members a priority.  We ensure that we provide a safe environment for surrogates and intended parent(s) to meet and undertake a surrogacy journey together.

We ensure that applicants are vigorously checked before becoming members.  Members can be sure that potential team mates have undergone a DBS check (police check), have had a health and wellness check from their GP and have had a face to face advisory session with an experienced Membership Advisor prior to becoming members.

We also ensure that all members are identity checked, and that they meet the requirements of a parental order, before they can become members.

Social Events

Surrogacy UK runs social events nationwide on most weekends, meaning there should be one near to you fairly regularly.  These are free, and are a great way to meet others.

Most social events are very informal, where members can eat lunch together and spend the afternoon chatting to others.

Surrogacy UK champions surrogacy teams who believe in friendship first.  What better way to meet a potential team mate than when you are relaxed and with friends.

Member HUB

A one-stop shop for all members.  It has all information, forms and guidance members need throughout their surrogacy journey, plus its very own private social media site where members can chat to potential team mates and find out about each other in a fun, informal and non-pressured environment.

Online Profiles

Surrogacy UK help members to write a profile about themselves.  These profiles can include details of what has brought them to surrogacy, what they are looking for in a team mate, and gives an idea of the type of person they are.  These profiles are given to other members who are looking for a team mate, so that surrogates and intended parent(s) can find out more detailed information about each other before starting a surrogacy journey.

Dedicated Support

Members of Surrogacy UK will be provided with a dedicated support worker, someone with first hand surrogacy experience who can help you navigate your surrogacy journey.  They are on hand to listen, advise and become a friend who has been where you are now.

In addition to formal support, members at Surrogacy UK have access to peer support – we are a community of like minded individuals who have experienced surrogacy and believe in the friendship first ethos.  Always willing to be a listening ear, or a compassionate shoulder, the peer support our members receive is second to none.

Wellness Sessions

Online group wellness sessions for both surrogates and IPs to help them through their surrogacy journey.

Local Network

As Surrogacy UK grows, our membership like to socialise together in their local area, and several local networking groups have been set up, where members can get together locally and spend time together.

Parents Through Surrogacy Group

Surrogacy UK members are members for life – this means that when you have completed your family through surrogacy you will have access to our Parents Through Surrogacy group, which provides social events and workshops so that the children born through surrogacy can meet others born through surrogacy.

Special Rates for Professional Services

Members of Surrogacy UK have preferential access to a variety of specific professional services including counselling, mediation, will writing and legal advice.  These professionals provide Surrogacy UK members with a reduced rate and, in some cases, offer their services for free.

Special Rates for Conferences/Workshops

Surrogacy UK ensures that our members pay a reduced rate for all conferences and workshops that we run.  We also ensure that members have priority booking to our events, which can get booked up well in advance.

Frankland Fund

A discretionary fund, just for members who are in need due to unexpected circumstances.