One of the founders of Surrogacy UK, Jayne Frankland, decided to scale back from her work  with the membership in 2016 after many years of dedicated voluntary service.

The Board of Trustees decided to create a hardship fund specifically for our members in Jayne’s name, The Frankland Fund.

As an ethical not for profit organisation it was recognised that this was aligned with the core values of Surrogacy UK and would be used to provide financial assistance to those members who were experiencing unexpected hardship, e.g. to pay for specialist counselling or legal fees.

Basic Terms of Reference

The full terms of reference are available from Surrogacy UK but the key points are:

  • The funds are drawn from SUK fundraising and specifically earmarked donations.
  • Awards are subject to certain financial limits and payment protocols.
  • Applicants can apply in person or be nominated by others.
  • All information received in relation to the fund will be kept confidential by Trustees and any associated support team.
  • Trustees are committed to regularly reporting back to the membership general information in relation to amounts applied and donations received.