Vicky Sutton

Surrogacy experience: 2 time surrogate, egg donor, support worker and Membership Advisor.
Role within the team: Covering events on the Facebook group and Eventbrite together with Lara.
Joined SurrogacyUK: March 2017.


Rena Miras-Pye

Surrogacy experience: 1 time surrogate, support worker and trustee.
Role within the team: Supports the Events Team on behalf of the trustees.
Joined SurrogacyUK: 2018.


Lara Evans

Surrogacy experience: Mum through SurrogacyUK.
Role within the team: Our social calendar queen and also handles setting up socials on Eventbrite.
Joined SurrogacyUK: 2017.


Jemma Black

Surrogacy experience: 2 time surrogate and support worker.
Role within the team: Anyone who has sent an email to the Events Team is likely to have spoken to Jemma, she’s great at covering the emails for us.
Joined SurrogacyUK: February 2018.


Kitty Cunningham

Surrogacy experience: Mum-to-be through SurrogacyUK and part of team The Magic 8 with Jemma.
Role within the team: Kitty does a brilliant job at covering the Events inbox.
Joined SurrogacyUK: 2018.


Nick Skelton

Surrogacy experience: Intended Parent with his husband Jon.
Role within the team: After lockdown in 2020, he started SUK events online so the community could still come together. Nick joined the events team that summer, and provides technical support for volunteers hosting online socials.
Joined SurrogacyUK: January 2019.

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