Surrogacy UK is distinctive in that we hold social events, both big and small, throughout the year and all over the UK.

Our events range from formal conferences, to fundraising trips and adventures to the more relaxed pub lunches and informal social events.

Our events are run nationwide and you can usually find an event happening most weekends. Each event will have surrogates, intended parents and completed families in attendance and all will be more than happy to talk to you about their experiences.

If you are new to surrogacy you can request a buddy to help introduce you to others, as we know your first event can be a bit daunting.  After your first event, however, you will feel like part of the Surrogacy UK family, such is the friendly atmosphere our community has.

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The Surrogacy UK conference happens once a year and are a more formal event, although we aim to keep our friendly atmosphere throughout the day.

The conferences hosts several workshops, seminars and guest speakers and are the most in-depth surrogacy conferences in the UK.  With approximately 600 attendees, they are a great opportunity to meet others involved in surrogacy and our special evening entertainment is a sure-fire way to make lasting friends of people you have only just met.

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Workshops/Information Days

Surrogacy UK run various different workshops and Information Days throughout the year.  These are informative workshops led by those with direct surrogacy experience.

Our next information day is on the 14th March 2020 in London

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Workshops run include:

  • Surrogacy A-Z – A Beginner’s Guide
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Surrogacy
  • The Surrogacy Journey
  • Parents Through Surrogacy – Bringing up Children with Two Dads
  • Surrogate and Surrogate Partners Workshop
  • Siblings Through Surrogacy
  • Intended Parents Workshop