Surrogacy UK was formed in 2002, by a group of surrogates who believed that a successful journey for both surrogates and intended parent(s) was one based on trust, mutual respect and, above all, friendship.

18 years later, Surrogacy UK has grown into a professional organisation, run by a Board of Trustees and supported by an Advisory Board, staff and a bank of volunteers – all of whom are committed to surrogacy and the vision of those few surrogates so many years ago.

The Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the Surrogacy UK membership produce a strategy document which guides the course of the organisation, keeping in mind our Vision, Mission and Values.

Our Vision:

Altruistic surrogacy as a valued, accessible and inclusive pathway to parenthood

Our Mission:

To create, complete and support families through ethical surrogacy

Our Values:

Community, friendship, support, integrity, trust, teamwork

Since 2002 Surrogacy UK has grown to include nearly 150 active surrogates, 500 intended parent(s) and a huge community of parents through surrogacy who return to celebrate the special way their child came into the world with their Surrogacy UK family.

Surrogacy UK continues to thrive, with nearly 200 babies born since it began and with 50 of those in just the last two years, the ethos of “Friendship First” that began with a handful of surrogates so many years ago continues to resonate strongly with those interested in surrogacy.