Creating a Family in the Time of Coronavirus – A New Documentary from RAW

RAW is a multi-award-winning production company known globally for their sensitivity in documentary making. RAW’s recent work includes the Oscar shortlisted feature documentary, Three Identical Strangers and the recent critically acclaimed Netflix mini series, Don’t F**k With Cats. They also regularly partner with CNN, the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic and others to make a range of factual programmes on a variety of issues.

RAW are now making an international feature documentary, funded by Discovery, and would love to collaborate with teams from SurrogacyUK who are expecting their first child but have had to adapt to changing circumstances by planning a home birth instead of an intended hospital birth. They want to follow a few steps on your journey (via self shot footage you would take) culminating in the birth.

The coverage of your journey will be guided by BAFTA winning director Ben Anthony, who is known for his sensitive and thoughtful filmmaking, most recently on the award-winning film ‘Grenfell’ which was shown on BBC1.

As the world we know changes forever, RAW wants to harness the power of technology and the creativity of citizen filmmakers to capture unfolding events during this pandemic. The overarching theme is that pandemics hold up a mirror to who we really are; our relationships with each other, life and death. The documentary will examine the ways in which this pandemic is reshaping our world but RAW’s intention is to make a film which is ultimately uplifting; a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit, highlighting both our vast differences but also our essential similarities.

One of the things RAW is eager to do is shine a light on the areas of human life that are being affected by this virus in profound and unexpected ways. Going through surrogacy is a hugely emotional experience and many people won’t be aware of the intricacies and various challenges of this journey or how the pandemic is impacting soon-to-be parents and families. This documentary is a great opportunity to highlight both this, the incredible altruism of surrogacy and the courage and resiliency of all involved in the creation of a new life and family.

If this piques your interest, you can find out more about the project and how RAW envision your involvement by emailing

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