I’ve been a surrogate…. twice

Anyone who knows me knows that I carried two babies for 2 other families because I wanted to, I chose to do this not for money but simply because I wanted to and was able to.

I was not coerced or extorted, it wasn’t my low socio-economic status, poor education or the colour of my skin, or even the fact that I’m not a feminist that pushed me into making 2 families complete.

It was me and my family that wanted to help others.

There’s a significant number of people out there that think that UK surrogates are less intelligent than average, are from low socio-economic groups, are brown, (OK you got me on that one), are forced into it, are paid and sell their babies for profit. These people often have no connection to surrogacy and no experience of it.

So who do you believe, them or me?

The Law Commission is currently consulting the public regarding changing the law on regards to surrogacy. They have discussed the potential changes with surrogates and parents through surrogacy and come up with some suggestions.

UK surrogates want the child’s parents to be its parents from the moment the child is born. The law currently means that Neil and I still have parental responsibility for Frank, a child who is not genetically linked to either of us. We don’t want this responsibility but have accepted it, we have to, it is currently the law.

I had my expenses covered for the duration of the pregnancy. I would not have been a surrogate if I had been paid for it. Commercialised surrogacy to me suggests I’m an employee and could marginalise my autonomy over my body and my decisions.

If you have the time and inclination to be involved in changing the law, please read and respond to the Law reform, you don’t have to answer all the questions, but any support you can give to me and my surro sisters and surro families will be gratefully appreciated.

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