Donor Conception Network: Telling And Talking Workshop at Surrogacy UK Conference 2019


This year DCN is presenting a day-long Telling and Talking Workshop alongside Surrogacy UK’s Conference.

DC Network has been running workshops both for those who are thinking about creating their family using donor gametes and for those who already have young children, for over 10 years. If you are a family through surrogacy and have used donated eggs and/or sperm, then this is a great opportunity to explore the issues involved in explaining to your children what this means.


It’s for everyone who has children aged 0-7 created through surrogacy and who have used donated eggs, sperm or both. All family types are welcome. The workshop is equally appropriate whether your surrogacy journey was in the UK or abroad, and whether your donor(s) were known, identifiable or anonymous.

You may be wondering how to start talking to your child both about their surrogacy and donor-conceived origins. Alternatively, you may have already begun this process and would like to explore what may come up in the future.

If you are part of a couple, we strongly recommend you attend together; if you are single, you can come alone, or bring a family member or friend. In order to ensure that everyone has the maximum opportunity to get what they want from the day, the maximum number of attendees will be 18. (There will also be a minimum number, of around 10 people).


There will be two DCN facilitators, one male and one female. One facilitator has a child through surrogacy, and both are long-standing members of DCN with their own donor-conceived children; they bring a huge amount of professional and personal experience.


The workshop will provide a comfortable and confidential space to explore personal feelings and experiences. We will focus on the impact of these feelings on how we share information about surrogacy and donor conception, both with our children and family and friends. We look at why it’s important to feel comfortable with this subject, and reflect on our hopes and anxieties about it. There are opportunities to discuss and practice what you might say in these situations to enable you to grow in confidence. You will also receive an email pack of information in advance of the workshop.

Those who attend DCN workshops always feed back to us how much they have gained from sharing their experiences, hopes and concerns with others in the group. As one delegate put it:

‘It was great to meet others who have undergone what I did to have a child. I feel much better about dealing with questions as they arrive. A great opportunity to network with others who share my concerns, hopes and fears!’

Tickets are available here:

Workshop tickets can only be purchased in conjunction with an Intended Parent ticket, either member or non-member.

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