Meet our Events team

Our Events Team

Annie joined SurrogacyUK in 2011 and has given birth to four surro babies since then! She’s recently rejoined the Board of Trustees and is the trustee lead for the Events team.

Vicky joined SurrogacyUK in March 2017 and became part of the Events team later that year. She gave birth to surro baby #1 in July 2018 and is now 30 weeks pregnant with her second team. Vicky covers the Events on the Facebook group and Eventbrite together with Lara.

Lara also joined SurrogacyUK and became a member of the Events team in 2017. She’s currently part of a team with her lovely friends. Lara is our social calendar Queen and also handles setting up socials on Eventbrite.

Jemma joined SurrogacyUK in February 2018 and became part of the Events team in the Summer. She gave birth to surro baby #1 in May and is now in her second team. Anyone who has sent an email to the Events team is likely to have spoken to Jemma, she’s great at covering the emails for us.

Our newest recruit Kitty became a member of SurrogacyUK last year and is now in a team with Jemma! She does a brilliant job at covering the Events inbox.

A day in the life of the Events Team….

As you can see above, we do all have our roles within the team but we tend to just do whatever needs doing at the time!

On any given day there will be emails to answer. This could be from newbies asking advice about where/when our socials are held. We could have an email from a prospective social host to follow up on. There can be buddy requests or cancellations from people attending socials to deal with.

There could be a social to set up as an event on Eventbrite or a new social to add to the social calendar. An attendee list to email to a social organiser or a social to advertise on the Facebook group.

Some days we can have a ‘quiet day’….this is usually followed by a few days with lots to do! It keeps us all busy but we’re very happy to do our little bit to help.

You can find more information about our social events on our message boards.

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