A day in the life of Surrogacy UK’s Admin Manager

Someone once commented to me that my role was ‘just answering a few emails and making ‘The Call’ every once in a while, wasn’t it?’ so I thought I’d share what it is I do on a typical day for Surrogacy UK. 

8.30am – Monday morning and an early start today straight after the school run as Mondays are always busy with emails and enquiries that have come in over the weekend. Today is also my day for submitting a report to the Trustees so they are kept up to date with how things are going on the admin front and gives them an overview into any ongoing issues and areas I’ve been working on.

9am – Spoke to the lovely Karla about our current ratios and together agreed to put through another group of IP applications. Woo hoo!!!

Invoices forwarded over to the Treasurer from ongoing surrogate applications to cover paperwork such as GP reports and DBS checks, which are all part of the application process.

Surrogacy UK Surrogate Application Form
Surrogacy UK Surrogate Application Form

Update the team spreadsheet from agreement sessions that have happened over the weekend plus an update on the births, team and surrogates spreadsheets after a lovely birth at the weekend as well as arranging for a lovely birth congrats card to be made up for them.


10am – Spoke to a lovely member who is arranging a social who asked for some advice and help about hosting a social.

Follow up on teams about outstanding paperwork for their upcoming agreements sessions to ensure they are fully ready to go. Update the relevant MA (Membership Advisor) for each team agreement. There are currently 14 teams in the process of arranging their agreement sessions so hopefully lots of more lovely team news in the not so distant future.

11am – Had the pleasure of making two lovely ladies full member surrogates after receiving reports back from the MAs who went to see them, and I’ve checked through all their paperwork. Emails sent to welcome them to the organisation as well as arranging support workers for them, who will contact them during their first week to help them with putting their profiles and expenses together, as well as talking to them and answering any questions they might have.

Also, as these ladies are joining to help friends who are already members, GTK (Getting to Know) emails sent to the new teams as well as contacting Karla and Al to arrange support workers for the IPs too. Plus another GTK to another new team where the surrogate has joined to help non-members who were on the waiting list and had their full membership confirmed by Karla.

Chatted with the rest of the admin team via Facebook about the upcoming conference, agreement sessions, Facebook posts and new members to the Facebook group.

dawn blog post 2

1pm – Activated new non-member usernames that have asked to join the message boards as well as deal with problems that have come in from those that already have access and are experiencing issues with the boards.

2pm – As it’s been a busy week with surrogacy in the news, there’s been a large number of emails come through over the weekend from potential IPs and surrogates. The IP emails are forwarded over to Karla. I then provide the potential surrogates with information, answer any questions they might have, offer to chat with them about surrogacy and post out application packs.

Then it’s on to updating surrogate support files from emails sent in from support workers as well as answering any concerns or questions any of them might have asked.

5pm – Today I ended the day with reuniting a surrogate with her lost surrogate bracelet that was found by a member of the public who had contacted the organisation.

Surrogacy UK Surrogate Bracelet
Surrogacy UK Surrogate Bracelet

So that’s a typical day for me, always busy and it changes everyday as you don’t know what you are going to be asked, who will want a chat and some reassurance about something that is worrying them on their surrogacy journey, any emergencies that pop up, as well as getting the beautiful news that either a team is pregnant or another little one has joined the Surrogacy UK family.

Dawn Allen joined Surrogacy UK in 2008 and has been lucky enough to help create two families by acting as their surrogate.  After volunteering for Surrogacy UK for many years, Dawn became the Administration Manager, responsible for helping and guiding surrogates through the joining process, and coordinating the surrogate support network.

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