Surrogacy APPG – We Need Your Help

The Surrogacy Working Group on Legal Reform has set up an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on surrogacy let by Andrew Percy MP.  We had an amazing launch just before Christmas where many of you travelled to Westminster to present your views to MPs and the Law Commission.

The next APPG will be on 25th April 2018.  We need your help to get as many MPs as possible to attend.  Please can you write to your MP and ask them to attend?  BUT event better please can you visit them at their surgeries to raise the issue with them face-to-face?


Here are some tips for writing to/visiting your MP:


– Write to your MP to ask to get an appointment at one of their consitituency surgeries. Most MPs also do drop in events and often give details on their facebook pages. You can share the briefing document (attached) with them and take it with you when you go

– Make it personal – tell them about your experience and why it matters to you

– Have a list of requests – can your MP: join the APPG; raise the issue of surrogacy and law reform with the minister; raise the issue with their party and drum up support from other MPs; write to the law commission supporting the proposals laid out by the SUK working group?


Please personalise this with your own story and reasons why you think the law should be changed. This makes a huge difference to the impact of the letter.

Dear [insert MP’s name],

As my local MP, I am contacting you to ask you to attend a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Surrogacy on 25th April. I understand the demands on a MP’s time; however, this issue is very important to me and I would be extremely grateful for your attendance at the event so that you can represent my experience and thoughts to the minister who will be attending.

[Constituents can add their personal stories here – why is surrogacy important to you and why do you think the law should be changed.]

The APPG aims to fully review our surrogacy laws, facilitate further research into how it is conducted, bring the law into line with modern social realities and to encourage those who need to undertake surrogacy to do so in the UK. Please find attached a briefing document that is helpful in summarising this issue.

The drop-in event will be held on 25th April between 10.30am and 11.30am. If you would like to learn more about this issue or confirm your attendance at the event, please contact Your support would be very much appreciated.

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