Parents through Surrogacy

To support the increasing number of UK families created through surrogacy, we have launched a ‘Parents Through Surrogacy’ community.

The aim is to provide mutual support and knowledge sharing for all UK based parents through surrogacy and their families.

As well as giving surrogate-born children and their parents the opportunity to make friends and have fun with those in similar circumstances, it will provide the tools and discussion forums to help parents talk to their child about their origins.

The first event was held at the Surrogacy UK spring conference on 18th March 2017 in Northamptonshire.

Sessions included updates on the latest research into families created through surrogacy, a workshop run together with the Donor Conception Network exploring what parents should consider when talking to their children about their origins, and sessions designed to promote discussion about issues that may arise at different stages of development.

The sessions were tailored to support all surrogacy-born children, whether born through host or straight surrogacy, or using donor eggs or having same-sex parents.

All parents through surrogacy were welcome to attend, whether the child was born in the UK, through an organisation, or through an independent or international arrangement.

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